Hands-On Manual For Biomedical Statistics

Hands-On Manual For Biomedical Statistics
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Author : Anuj Mittal, Shivali Mittal
ISBN: 9788188132362
Edition: 1
Publisher : Century Publications

A. Describing clinical data: Types of data, data management, data entry on MS excel, data entry on SPSS, How to make table, how to draw graph, percentage, mean and standard deviation, median and quartiles, mode.

B. Describing performance of a diagnostic test: Sensitivity and specificity, Kappa inter-rater statistics, receiver operator curve (ROC).

C. Hypothesis testing: Concept of null hypothesis, concept of probability, normal distribution, statistical test to be applied, chisquare test, student t test, Z test ANOVA, Correlation and Regression, Multiple regression and logistic regression analysis.

D. Risk measures: Odds ratio, Attack rates and risk ratio, Relative risk and attributable risk.

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