Information Technology for Business Transformation

Information Technology for Business Transformation
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Information Technology for Business Transformation

New technologies are fast evolving such as Cloud computing, which is changing entire horizon of the applications of IT in business domain. Cloud computing gives economy and convenience to use IT as service without huge investments in capital equipment. It is like paying on the use basis. Advancement of mobile technology has further enabled the business on move. Transformation from Business to E-business and then to M-business has become a reality. Website based stores are really challenging the brick and mortar shops in terms of price and buying experience. Further, traffic problems, fuel cost, safety problems goes in favor of E-business. IT has also proved to be a great tool to promote transparency and a tool to curb the corruption. Convergence and wide application of IT in different fields enabled by internet and wireless technologies has made it possible to control the appliances from any where in the world.

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